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Transformers Generations - Autobot Warpath

is the stereotypical tank commander: loud, boisterous, skilled, confident, devoted to his buddies, and probably a little deaf. His armor is tremendously thick; his skull no less. He loves to show off by splitting hex nuts a mile and a half away, and he has an endless variety of special munitions to load in his prized main gun: cryogenic, acid, thermal, and sonic. His most favorite, however, are the simple explosive shells that go off with a huge explosion, KABOOM!

Transformers Generations Sky Shadow (Black Shadow) 

Black Shadow
(ブラックシャドー Burakku Shadō) is a vile gangster whose skills in robbery, extortion and murder are available to anyone who can meet his price. He is loyal only to the highest bidder; even the Decepticons are loath to work with him that often, as they can never be sure he won’t betray them in mid-job if he gets a better offer. In jet mode, he can devastate buildings around him with powerful sonic shockwaves by breaking the sound barrier while flying at low altitudes, a technique he calls his “Sonic Boomer Attack”.

Black Shadow was one of the first Decepticons that Megatron selected for a torturous upgrade process that would transform him into a planet-devastating superwarrior. With an infusion of ununtrium rendering him virtually indestructible, Black Shadow became part of a small group known as the “Warriors Elite” that also came to include Sixshot and Overlord. Many years later, at the height of the war, Megatron chose to repurpose the Warriors Elite as “Phase Sixers”, who would enact the doomsday protocols called for by the sixth and final phase of his new infiltration protocol. 

Transformers Thrilling 30 - Leader Class - Autobot Jetfire

Jetfire is a bot of science, literally. Not only is his mind dedicated towards scientific pursuits, but his body is a testament to the technology he studies so intensely. (Some would say “religiously”, but not in his presence.) Every inch of his chassis is cutting-edge and kept up-to-date. However, he does not have the trust of his teammates; it was not so long ago that he was a Decepticon. Jetfire is compassionate, so some Autobots feel that he could be soft on their enemies or, even worse, he may turn on them after realizing his “cold calculations” swing the other way.

Jetfire would find their misconceptions about science appalling. After all, is not science just the pursuit of truth? And truth, he maintains, walks hand-in-hand with liberty.

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